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Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm going to tell you about the best game ever made. It's called Super Meat Boy, it's a hardcore retro-style indie platformer made by just two guys(Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen) and the amount of ass that it kicks just can't fit on planet Earth. It's a game about a living, walking, jumping cube of meat named Meat Boy, who is on his quest to save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl(she's a girl made of bandages), from the evil grip of Dr. Fetus(he's a fetus in a jar wearing a top hat, a suit and a monocle). It's HARD. You'll be dying dozens of thousands of times while going for that sweet 106% completion rate. It has about 360 levels plus there are free DLCs that add even more to that.
I feel kinda strange retelling all the reviews here, so go watch videos, get it on Steam or XBLA(only $15!) and play the living poop out of it!

 I'm Anny Smith, and HAVE A GOOD ONE! :)


  1. >It has about 360 levels
    my favorite number, reminds to me about my console.also i hate indie.

  2. Невероятно сложная игра.

  3. I doubt that anyone will ever force me to play this nightmare again ^_^

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  5. мне N больше понравилась.

  6. Игра очень динамичная)